It's difficult to understand why people don't realize that pets are gifts to mankind-Linda Blair
Congratulations, you’ve adopted a new puppy! Taking a new life into your home, accepting the formidable challenge of caring for it, establishing bonds- many animal lovers would say there is nothing more enjoyable, more fulfilling. Do you feel guilty for leaving your dog at home all day? Dog walking businesses and day cares are an amazing option to make the best out of your dog’s day. I went along to work with a friend of mine in West-Yorkshire England, who ran a dog walking business.
Day care for Dogs
Oxalates in Cats
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Oxalates in cats arise from two sources. One is from diet and the second part is produced in the body (most in the liver). Oxalic acid is organic acid which appearing in the organism as a product of metabolism. Oxalic acid in smaller quantities normally produced in the body, and is in the form of soluble salts with sodium and potassium, but when in the presence of calcium, creates insoluble salts of calcium oxalate.
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Although we didn’t get any snow for Christmas, we did get it in January. There are lots of both two-legged and four-legged snow enthusiasts who gets super exited when the snow arrives.  
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Ancestral, Instintive or Scientific Food for dogs? Read what we thing about the food trends!
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Bees are incredible insects They make some of the world’s most interesting and versatile products that have benefits to the health of pets and their owners.
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The Trønderkatten has been awarded the honour of hosting the Scandinavian Winner Show (SWS) 2017, FIFe’s northernmost winner show ever.
Understanding dog adverse food reactions
It is not uncommon in clinical routine, to see dogs presenting signs of food adverse reactions. Unspecific dermatological and gastrointestinal symptoms are reported, including red inflamed skin, scratching and hair loss, flatulence, vomiting and diarrhoea, poor growth in young pets, etc. The diagnosis involve the collection of an accurate feeding history and dog’s environment and the screening for some diseases trough complementary examinations, if needed.
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Where we would be without dogs?
I am not a dog owner but it is easy to see the special role played by dogs in 21 st   century society if you take time out and think about it.
by David Primrose
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